Cliff Bleszinski releases concept art for unreleased games



Over on Twitter, Boss Key Productions co-founder Cliff Bleszinski shared several images and bits of info regarding game concepts and ideas that were in development at Boss Key in the wake of its closure earlier this week.

You would play as a ninja/samurai in a giant airship while riding dragons and fighting zombies. Drinking ginger beer would add health, throwing beverage cans like in Mario Kart would cause effects and shaking cans up would cause AOE attacks.

The most fleshed out concept was a game codenamed DragonFlies. The game itself itself would have revolved heavily around players raising and training a dragon companion from hatchling to maturity, and would also have included a narrative-driven campaign. It aimed to offer a PvE experience set in a "feudalpunk" world on floating islands.


"You used melee and guns and could outfit your beasts for combat". Riding a dragon is supposed to be like "what Halo did for vehicles" and learn from the mistakes of Lair and Scalebound. (...) you'd find dragon eggs, hatch them, and raise them.

Boss Key pitched DragonFlies to publishers including MS, Sony, EA, 2K and Activision to no success. What's more, he said at least some of these games would have had a budget of around $40 million, which he said is "not cheap".

It seems that BossKey had also floated the idea of working on a VR project that they referred to as "Rover" but considered releasing under the name of DogWalkers. Bleszinski suggested that publishers did not see enough novelty-or too much-for them to want to sign on. Players would be battling other players in massive DOGs, Destructive Ordinance (on the) Ground while trying to stay safe from the toxic air that inhabited the world. You pitch something and the response is often "too similar to something we have or out there so no" or "this is too unique so we can't do a proper financial model for it".

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