Jameela Jamil Shreds Kim Kardashian For Promoting 'Appetite Suppressant' Lollipops

Kim Kardashian was criticised for promoting a diet lolly on her social media

Kim Kardashian was criticised for promoting a diet lolly on her social media

Kim Kardashian has since deleted her posts promoting "appetite suppressant lollipops", but not before Jameela Jamil (or Tahani, to The Good Place fans), grabbed a few screenshots and tweeted her thoughts on the product. Jamil harshly exclaims how Kardashian is a "toxic and awful influence on young girls".

When she spoke to Newsbeat about it in March, the 32-year-old said she's been a "body positivity warrior" for a long time.

Tom Quinn, Director of External Affairs for eating disorders charity Beat, told HuffPost that "eating disorders are mental illnesses with complex causes, so it is unlikely that this product would be the sole and direct reason for someone developing one". @flattummyco just dropped a new product. But her latest product-endorsing post, for a Flat Tummy Co. lollipop, which claims to be appetite-suppressing, has crossed a line, as far as her followers are concerned.

Her post included a promo code for 15% off.

Whether branding a line of cosmetics, or posting to social media the benefits of using a waist-trainer, Kardashian's fortune capitalizes on society's insecurities.

Kim Kardashian told fans that she was being payed to advertise the lolly Instagram
Kim Kardashian told fans that she was being payed to advertise the lolly

Kardashian, 37, decision was immediately questioned considering she is a mother of three children - including two daughters, North, 4, and Chicago, four months. "Jesus Christ they're moeny hungry.no respect", a Twitter user wrote in response to the actress. Think of all the young girls that look up to you! No one should have to feel the need to suppress their appetite to fit to ridiculous beauty standards.

Jamil continued writing, "MAYBE don't take appetite suppressors and eat enough to fuel your BRAIN and work hard and be successful". And to play with your kids.

The company's website says the lollipops are created to be taken when people experience food cravings.

According to the Flat Tummy Co website, the lollipops contain an ingredient called SATIEREAL, made up of saffron extract, which works to "maximise satiety, which helps control food intake, cravings and weight".

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