ME behind the eight ball as states sprint to legalize sports gambling

Dennis Drazin | Patty Wolfe

Dennis Drazin | Patty Wolfe

The case, Murphy v. NCAA, has important constitutional consequences - and could have a major economic impact as well.

"Chris doesn't believe Florida should be turned into a casino and opposes expanding gambling in the state -- including sports betting", King spokesman Avery Jaffe said.

When will NY open its doors to sports betting? Instead, to save money on federal law enforcement, it relied on states' existing prohibitions plus the ban on authorization. That's due both to the aforementioned federalist contingent in Congress that typically champions states' rights, as well as the fact the legislative calendar tends to slow down considerably in mid-term election years such as 2018. League owners also approved the Raiders moving to Las Vegas, gambling's mecca in the United States. Aside from the few states that have worked out those details already, lawmakers and regulators will be deciding whether to allow bets to be placed at casinos, horse racing tracks, off-track betting parlors or even stadiums, and whether to allow online and mobile betting. Professional sports leagues and the National Collegiate Athletic Association challenged the law as a violation of PASPA.

William Hill has infrastructure in place in DE as well as New Jersey, but Asher did not give a timeline for starting operations in that state.

But that law likely need to be rewritten, Sleight said.

Duke University Director of Athletics Kevin White said he's never been in favor of gambling but does support regulation following the Supreme Court ruling.

Taking the wording of Hatch's statement at face value, it appears he's operating under the assumption that legalized sports betting is the new reality, and that he and fellow Congressional legislators will simply ensure it's regulated appropriately. "I guess that's the only thing you can say with certainty". The "commandeering" part of the doctrine was the idea that Congress can't "command" state officials to administer and enforce federal laws. "This is going to largely unfold on the state level".

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Sleight, who has guided many clients through the tangle of state gaming law, agrees the process of setting out rules and regulations, and then issuing licenses to operate, will take time. To reach this conclusion, Alito relied on the notion that there was no functional difference between requiring the state to enact legislation and banning the state from enacting legislation.

What was tricky about this extension of states' rights is that Congress is permitted to pre-empt state laws by passing its own laws.

The court also went further. Others will follow suit, and before long, states that don't allow sports betting will be in the distinct minority.

The Garden State's own Representative Frank Pallone's GAME Gaming Accountability and Modernization Enhancement (GAME) Act - which was reintroduced in December 2017 - provides regulatory measures for underage gambling and gambling addiction.

The real-world effect of this holding is that all the states are now free not only to authorize sports gambling but also to have their own sports betting lotteries. The former decision is politically complicated on a state-to-state basis. That concern, she pointed out, wouldn't apply here, where it is obvious to all that PASPA is the source of the gambling ban. There are also serious doubts that Congress wants to get involved. "While we are still reviewing the decision to understand the overall implications to college sports, we will adjust sports wagering and championship policies to align with the direction from the court". Of the liberals, only Justice Elena Kagan, the most tactically sophisticated of the group, joined Alito's opinion in full.

The Poker Players Alliance (PPA), which has long fought for the rights of poker players in the U.S., recently noted that as many as 68% of its members were involved in sports betting, leading to the organization diverting some of its attention towards the industry.

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