Microsoft Rolls Out the May Update for Xbox One

Sean Murray Announces XBox One Release Date

Sean Murray Announces XBox One Release Date

The higher refresh rate means that, if you have a display that supports it, you'll now be able to take advantage of the smoother gameplay and reduced reaction times that come along with 120Hz capabilities.

Xbox Live and Discord integration: Xbox Live users can now sign into their Discord accounts. This will also allow players to start Mixer broadcasts from anywhere on Xbox One, making streaming easier than ever. Because of this, Xbox One X and Xbox One S will now support output at 2560 x 1440 (1440p) resolution for games and media. Once you receive your unique code from Xbox, open the Discord app and insert the code within the Connections tab.

No Man's Sky figurehead Sean Murray appeared on today's episode of Inside Xbox to reveal that the Xbox version will release on July 24. This enables you to share what you're playing with your friends on that PC and mobile communications platform.

The premier feature of the May 2018 Xbox One update is added support for 120Hz displays.

GOP leaders warn against immigration roll calls
If 25 GOP House members sign on, a "discharge petition " would allow a potentially bad amnesty bill to be passed, which otherwise would never even make it to the floor.

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Malaysian police searches 2 of ex-PM Najib Razak's residences
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The May Xbox One update is rolling out to everyone right now. "With the May update, you can trim your recent game captures directly from the Guide, so you won't need to switch to Upload Studio to make a quick cut to your saved clips". Important settings that are turned off or require attention will be flagged for parents, as well.

'Some of the button commands throughout the dashboard are being refreshed for easier navigation.

New button commands: The "View" button, or the "Select" button if you're nasty, can now rearrange items on the Home screen.

Users can now organize their pinned apps and games into Groups. First off, Microsoft has modernized the Xbox Accessories app to make it easier to use and look at.

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