Miles Heizer Opens Up About Alex's Recovery on '13 Reasons Why'

Miles Heizer Opens Up About Alex's Recovery on '13 Reasons Why'

Miles Heizer Opens Up About Alex's Recovery on '13 Reasons Why'

For our part, we did as much research as we could'.

However, while the first season was a hit, becoming 2017's most tweeted about show and now maintaining an 80 percent critics score on Rotten Tomatoes, the second season has not been as well received. Tyler is then violently beaten up and raped with the end of a mop in the men's bathroom by Monty, who is angry about Tyler's involvement in Bryce's sentencing. The scene has reignited controversy over the show, with some viewers saying they were "disgusted" by the scene and calling for the show to be canceled. Ignoring his pleas for mercy, two other members of the team hold Tyler down and Montgomery grabs a mop.

The new season closely follows Tyler's life during the court case into Hannah's death. The first season finale made headlines for showing Hannah Baker's suicide in detail, and now the last episode of Season 2 is receiving backlash for depicting a brutal rape.

Despite efforts to keep the network from renewing the popular series, which was originally meant to work as a mini-series based on the novel by author Jay Asher, Netflix announced a second season, which premiered over the weekend. What happens next was too much for many to watch.

"The safest choice would've been to go behind the doors and lock himself in with the rest of the kids and help everyone get to safety, to hide in closets or behind objects and make sure someone has called 911", she says. Fans on Twitter are torn.

One user wrote that it was the "MOST disturbing and heart breaking thing" she ever watched.

13 Reasons Why set itself up to be a catalyst for tough conversation.

"We need to continue to bring awareness to the hard or uncomfortable things no one wants to talk about because those things do happen in reality, " she wrote.

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In many ways, Tyler's storyline this season parallels Hannah's from Season 1, as tiny incidents that seemed inconsequential on their own built a path of tragedy until one particularly traumatic event pushed them over the edge.

Overall, "13 Reasons Why" from May 14-20 on average ranked as the fourth most popular TV series overall in Australia, Ireland, South Africa and the United Kingdom, coming in fifth France and New Zealand and sixth place in Canada.

She added that she was "just about ready to throw up".

For Yorkey, the reaction to Tyler's assault is exactly why he felt a scene like this was so necessary.

Yorkey added that the research they found about male-on-male sexual violence suggested an "epidemic", and that both Netflix and Paramount, which produces 13 Reasons Why, supported the decision to include the scene after extensive discussions.

"It was important for us to try and bring the audience over to Tyler's side a little bit, " Yorkey said.

The scene is visceral, awful to watch.

Yorkey told The Hollywood Reporter he hopes the second season will get people talking about the issues presented in the show in "the context of the real world". "People often ask if we adapted the storytelling because of all the controversy, and we were certainly aware of the controversy - we were intensely aware of it - but all it really did for us is make us double down on making hard choices, being as truthful as we could, and not backing away from trying to tell some unflinching stories about the kinds of things that young people go through".

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