Musk slams fake news media, muses about app to rate reporters

Musk slams fake news media, muses about app to rate reporters

Musk slams fake news media, muses about app to rate reporters

Musk has repeatedly missed targets for Model 3 production, which Tesla is banking on to establish itself as a mass market seller of electric cars. In a series of tweets, Musk said that he is thinking of creating a website that would rate journalists based on their credibility.

"Problem is journos are under constant pressure to get max clicks & earn advertising dollars or get fired".

"It is odd that big auto companies literally have thousands more factory injuries than Tesla & millions more auto deaths, but somehow get less coverage". The Tesla and SpaceX CEO said he would name the new venture "Pravda" after the old Soviet newspaper.

Predictably, Musk's tweet was met by a chorus of whiney knee-jerk reactions from so-called "journalists", including The Verge's Andrew J. Hawkins.

On Wednesday afternoon, he shared with his almost 22 million followers a tweet linking to posts on the auto blog Electrek criticizing recent coverage of fatal Tesla crashes.

The company may have violated state law by not reporting these worker injuries, says a report by Reveal, a publication which featured interviews with a few Tesla workers.

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Musk urged the media to promote the poll if "they didn't want Pravda to exist", then tweeted again, saying he may call the site "You're Right" instead.

Work on "Pravda" seems to have begun months ago.

The billionaire has been in the firing recently after a surge of negative stories about Tesla.

The United Auto Workers union (UAW) has filed a complaint accusing Tesla Inc (TSLA.O) Chief Executive Elon Musk of illegally threatening to take away benefits from workers who join the union. Is it just another Musk prank, or is he actually serious about the idea?

The unusual tweets were interpreted by some as trying to soften up Musk's credibility - if one is tweeting about starting a candy company amid skirmishes with journalists on Twitter and promises to bring back Pravda, then Musk's promises regarding Tesla Model 3 production targets should not be taken literally either, thus letting Tesla off the hook a bit.

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