NY lawyer threatens to call ICE on women for speaking Spanish

Racist lawyer ripped by colleagues a day after meltdown

Racist lawyer ripped by colleagues a day after meltdown

A pro-Trump lawyer was caught on video berating workers at a Midtown Manhattan deli because they were speaking Spanish to one another.

"Every person I listened to-he spoke it, he spoke it, she's speaking it", the man said. He later explained that the customer had misread the situation. "This is America", the man said.

'I will be following up because my guess is there not documented and my next call will be to ICE, ' Schlossberg says. "They have the balls to come here and live off of my money I pay for their welfare, I pay for their ability to be here". "They where on there lunch time and ordering there food and just because they where speaking in Spanish to the waiter this asshole jumps in and started to call the waiter and my wife and her best friend all types of names and threatened to call I.C.E on them and the employees!"

When confronted by an employee of the cafe, the man continued to yell at the women and threatened to call ICE. "I wish someone tells me I can't speak in my native language! Why don't you put on uniform and protect it!"

"You know where I'm getting!"

Kangaroo back home after hopping around this SC county
According to local reports , the McCormick County Sheriff's Office was inundated with calls yesterday about the marsupial. McCormick County Sheriff's Office was called to the scene and shocked to find there was, in fact, a kangaroo.

Tennis player smashes racket against umpire's chair in post-match tantrum
Karolina Pliskova is now the world number six in the women's singles rankings, and topped the pile as recently as July 2017. Pliskova, the No. 6 seed from the Czech Republic, lost 3-6, 6-3, 7-5 in the second round of the Italian Open.

Tiger Woods to play Memorial ahead of US Open
"I am pleased that the Memorial Tournament once again is drawing a wonderful field", Nicklaus said in a release. Jude Classic (he's never played in the Memphis tournament), which sites between the Memorial and U.S.

A NY restaurant manager listens to a customer's condescending tirade, which was triggered by Latino staff workers speaking Spanish in his presence.

"They were speaking Spanish because they are friends", the manager said. "Take a break from the food", the man says before walking away, to which the woman responds, "Maybe you should get hit by a vehicle, you piece of [expletive]!" On tape, a man in a white shirt is seen ranting to the manager of the store. "He stormed out." Despite how infuriating the man's comments were, "He's a customer, so I had to stay professional and ask him to leave", the manager also said.

The video was posted to Facebook by Edward Suazo.

Schlossberg seems to be an equal opportunity offender based on a video from a year ago that showed him yelling, "You are not a Jew" at Jewish people supporting Palestinian rights, according to Fast Company.

One of five U.S. residents speaks a language other than English at home, or a record 61.8 million, according to the 2013 American Community Survey, part of the U.S. Census.

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