Right to Die Law Killed by Judge

Pills in blisters

Pills in blisters

In 2015, California became the fifth state to create a policy meant to give terminally ill adults more control over the end of their lives.

Euthanasia activists argued in court that assisted suicide is health care and that made it appropriate for the special session.

A spokesman for Compassion & Choices, which describes itself as the nation's largest nonprofit organization dedicated to improving and expanding end-of-life options, said the decision was a blow to California's terminally ill.

Judge Ottolia agreed, finding that the End of Life Option Act "is not a matter of health care funding", and is not related to the stated objective of the special session.

Attorneys with Life Legal Defense Foundation told LifeNews that the assisted suicide law sponsors introduced the bill in a special session of the legislature convened by Governor Jerry Brown to address Medicaid funding shortfalls, services for the disabled, and in-home health support services.

And they argued from the outset that suicide has nothing to do with the provision of health services. Superior Court Judge Daniel Ottolia is giving the state attorney general five days to appeal.

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In March, the plaintiffs filed for summary judgment. Jerry Brown and the Democratic-controlled Legislature, which is in session through August, could move to re-pass the law in regular session to settle the procedural objections.

Alexandra Snyder, of Life Legal Defense Foundation, said, "We are thrilled by today's ruling, which reinstates critical legal protections for vulnerable patients".

Stephanie Packer, who has been diagnosed with a terminal illness, was present at the hearing. After the passage of the End of Life Option Act, her insurance company would not allow her to receive chemotherapy treatments that could save her life, but offered her "aid-in-dying" drugs that would cost her $1.20.

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra said in a statement that his office "strongly disagreed" with the judge's finding and would seek an expedited appeal.

California's physician-assisted suicide law, on the books after lawmakers passed it and Gov. Since then, some 200 end-of-life prescriptions have been written per year, according to Compassion and Choices, although not all have been used. "It deals with medication".

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