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With the new feature public posts can go straight from feed to story.                  Instagram

With the new feature public posts can go straight from feed to story. Instagram

No, it's not a "regram" option.

Today, the firm relented somewhat and offered the sharing of existing posts to Instagram Stories, the site's Snapchat-like ephemeral photos and videos.

Instagram just made it easier to share and highlight in stories the pictures and videos you see in your feed. If you don't want your posts shared to stories by other people, you can easily opt out in settings. Stories has gotten the lion's share of attention, having ballooned to 300 million daily active users in a relatively short period of time.

If you find a pet selfie or food pic while swiping through your Instagram feed, now you can add it to your own Instagram story (and even Facebook) with a few taps.

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When posted, the Story will display the original poster's username, which others can tap on to head back to the original post. You'll be able to add a custom background, resize the post, and reposition it to wherever you see fit.

That potential source of traffic may encourage some Instagram users to create posts specifically designed for this new sharing format, given it could increase their account's exposure to a wider audience.

With the new feature, public posts can go straight from feed to story. That would give Stories more prominence on the network - though not everyone is thrilled with their takeover.

The new feature is beginning to roll out to Android users today, while iOS users can expect it in the coming days.

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