Tick season arrives in Manitoba, officials warn

Tick season arrives in Manitoba, officials warn

Tick season arrives in Manitoba, officials warn

Veterinarians are also working with clients to help prevent their pets from flees, ticks and Lyme disease.

You may be at risk for Lyme disease this summer, so doctors are using the month of May to spread awareness. Early symptoms usually occur within the first 30 days of being bitten, which include fever, chills, headache, stiff neck, fatigue, muscle and joint pains and a circular rash, known as a bull's eye.

However, the tick carrying SFTS is not found in Kentucky, so physicians and public health officials are less concerned about this condition in the commonwealth.

As for Beresford, he said while this is the new reality, we shouldn't allow ticks to deter us from enjoying the outdoors.

Entomologist David Beresford said while we have seen an increase in the number of ticks in the region, the risk of contracting Lyme remains quite low. And with tick-borne illnesses on the rise in many parts of Canada, it's essential that trail runners take steps to protect themselves from ticks and Lyme disease.

"If you. know what to do if you are bit by a tick and get the proper treatment, you're saving yourself a lifetime", said Marnie LePage, spokesperson for the organization.

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If left untreated, the disease can infect the central and peripheral nervous systems, with symptoms becoming debilitating and chronic. Rusk says Borrelia miyamotoi can be detected by a simple blood test.

"They can be tested but the physician has to be thinking 'could this be something else beyond the ones that we normally get?'"

Avoid Tick Heavy Areas - When walking your dog, avoid woods, tall grasses, overgrown shrubs and decaying leaves on the ground.

"So, if you get a amusing rash on your body, you should be seeking advice about that from your doctor". "It's not about removing the body of the tick, it's also about making sure the head of the tick comes out too".

Anyone who finds a tick can send an image of the insect to the Manitoba's Tick Checker and they will be able to tell you what kind of tick it is, and if the bug could be sent in for testing.

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