No one earning minimum wage can afford a modest apartment

Study: Honolulu Workers Need $39 An Hour To Afford A 2-Bedroom Rental

Study: Honolulu Workers Need $39 An Hour To Afford A 2-Bedroom Rental

At the same time, homes renting for less than $800 per month declined by two percent.

A new study released Wednesday by the National Low Income Housing Coalition will only add more urgency to those discussions.

A new study published by the National Low Income Housing Coalition shows that OH workers would need to make nearly double the minimum wage to rent a two-bedroom apartment. That means even those making above minimum wage struggle to afford rent.

"Make no mistake: while the housing market may have recovered for many, we are nonetheless experiencing an affordable housing crisis, especially for low-income families", Sen.

The median household income in the United States for 2016 was $57,617 or $27.70 an hour.

Nationally, one would have to earn $17.90 an hour to afford a modest one-bedroom apartment or $22.10 an hour for a two-bedroom rental.

In Ohio, the fair market rent (FMR) for a two-bedroom apartment is $793.

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Renters across the country earn an average hourly rate of $16.88, the report estimated, a finding that illustrates how even folks earning more than the minimum wage scramble to pay for housing. "But even in places where advocates have successfully achieved a minimum wage of upwards of $15 an hour, housing is still out of reach". The average renter in OH earns $13.32 an hour, almost $2 less than the hourly wage needed to afford a modest two-bedroom rental unit. For someone in need of a two-bedroom, like a single parent with a child, that jumps up to 93 hours per week.

Downsizing to a one-bedroom apartment will only help so much. That's over $10 more than the federal minimum wage of $7.25. Still, the results are bleak. In Seattle/Bellevue, it's $24 and across King County it's $25.

The lowest housing wage was $13.40 in multiple rural counties, including Baca, Conejos, Dolores, Kit Carson, Prowers, Rio Grande, Saguache, Washington and Yuma. Bernie Sanders wrote in the report's preface. "That leaves precious little for other essentials".

The Bureau of Labor Statistics says the biggest increase will be with personal care aides.

Data on fair market rents and incomes come from HUD. During the same time, the number of homes renting for less than $800 declined by 2%. That translates into the largest shortfall between the average renter wage and "housing wage" in the nation. But this process, known as filtering, does not produce enough affordable rental homes to serve extremely low income renters.

Any talk of housing, from government officials to developers to landlords, touches on affordability. It's hard to praise Cleveland for its affordability when there are an average of 12 evictions every single day and an enormous waiting list for housing vouchers through CMHA. Predictably, the statewide figures are lower if you only look at non-metro areas.

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