Samsung’s Foldable Smartphone Could Cost $2,000

Samsung’s Foldable Smartphone Could Cost $2,000

Samsung’s Foldable Smartphone Could Cost $2,000

The analysts also suggested that the smartphone might come with an OLED screen that is 7.3-inch across when open and 4.5-inch when closed. But it wouldn't use hinges like the Axon M. One of the many patents filed by Samsung is to make sure the internal components of the device don't get damaged when it's folded.

So, as many would have wanted, the device is not going to have a single flexible display. Samsung Mobile CEO DJ Koh earlier this year stated in a media interview that the new hardware isn't just a gimmick. Now the company is planning to launch world's first truly foldable smartphone. We even heard of a rumor that Samsung was set to launch foldable smartphones in the 3rd quarter.

A one-two double whammy of the Samsung Galaxy S10 and then Samsung Galaxy X, both releasing in 2019, would leave the South Korean maker's competitors reeling, and cement its position as the king of Android. Mass production could start in Q4 this year.

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Now, this information tallies well with previous rumours that the Samsung Galaxy X would have three screens, that the main screen would be OLED, and that it would arrive in 2019. Samsung gave no official comments on the phone. The a year ago Apple flagship is available at $999, and even ZTE Axon M foldable smartphone stands nowhere near that price.

Citing the "parts industry" as its source, the website claims that Samsung's "Beyond" codename is fitting for the firm's 10th-anniversary flagship, with the firm aiming to "go beyond" what it has already achieved in the smartphone market. Shinhan Financial analyst Park Hyung-woo has separately highlighted that the new device will feature two inside display panels, while one display panel will be available outside. Now, the report says that Samsung is expected to show device prototypes to United States and European carriers during separate private meetings next year.

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