USA pulls 2 more from Cuba amid new potential health cases

A security person walks outside the U.S. consulate building in Guangzhou in south China's Guangdong province Thursday June 7

A security person walks outside the U.S. consulate building in Guangzhou in south China's Guangdong province Thursday June 7

Unexplained sounds and vibrations that accompanied the symptoms initially led investigators to suspect a sonic weapon, although an interim Federal Bureau of Investigation report in January said no evidence had been uncovered that sound waves could have damaged the Americans' health, the AP reported.

Those affected have suffered a range of symptoms including hearing loss, dizziness, fatigue, cognitive issues and sleep loss.

The Cuba incidents sparked concerns that the employees had been targeted with some novel sort of sonic attack, and similar reports this week in Guangzhou, China, have prompted several evacuations of diplomats and family members.

The symptoms are similar to those exhibited by USA personnel in Cuba after they heard unusual noises in an apparent sonic attack.

The statement said Cuba was informed of one case in late May where "a functionary of the (U.S.) embassy on the 27th of the same month had reported health symptoms as a result of "undefined sounds" in her residence".

The United States is testing two more workers from its embassy in Cuba for possible brain injury amid concerns they may have been affected by mysterious health incidents harming USA diplomats in Cuba and China.

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"The State Department received medical confirmation that a USA government employee in China suffered a medical incident consistent with what other US government personnel experienced in Havana, Cuba", it said in an emailed statement.

The alert comes as a USA medical team is screening more Americans who work at the Guangzhou consulate. It advised them "not to attempt to locate the source of any unidentified auditory sensation". The Foreign Ministry said Thursday the US had not formally raised the matter with Beijing.

Cuba has denied targeting embassy staff, and the United States has not blamed the country's government for the suspected attacks. There is a US medical team in Guangzhou assessing whether more people need to leave China, the Associated Press reported.

In April, Canada, whose personnel were also stricken, said it would remove families of diplomats posted at its embassy in Cuba as information from medical specialists has raised concerns of a new type of brain injury.

Aled Williams, a British teacher at a kindergarten said Thursday that the reports sounded "sci-fi-ish".

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