Apple Just Killed My Favorite MacBook Pro

Apple Just Killed My Favorite MacBook Pro

Apple Just Killed My Favorite MacBook Pro

After being initially presented with a July 16 - July 18th delivery date, Apple surprised some early purchasers who opted for next day delivery with shipments scheduled to arrive tomorrow. This Macbook Pro model was heralded for its sleek design, light weight, fast processing power, its array of ports ranging from HDMI to two Thunderbolt ports, and MagSafe power adapter among other things. That's right, Apple just pulled the plug on the 2015 MacBook Pro, which happened to be my favorite system in Apple's lineup. What is your estimated delivery time? In the U.S., the new MacBook Pro models go on sale from Thursday and start at $1,799 for the 13-inch model, with the 15-inch model starting at $2,399. Plus Apple is expected to launch updated AirPod headphones and the new AirPower charging mat. With the 2018 models, Apple apparently tries to remedy that, as the new models feature bigger batteries with 58 Wh of battery capacity on the MacBook Pro 13 and 83 Wh on the MacBook Pro 15. These issues have kept many would-be Apple customers from purchasing new MacBook Pros.

The 13-inch MacBook Pro now tops out at 2 TB of SSD storage, a 2.7 GHz (4.8 GHz with Turbo Boost) i7 quad-core processor, and 16 GB of RAM. The 15-inch model gets the new 6-core, 8th generation i7 and i9 Intel chips with turbo boosts up to 4.8Ghz. A quick MacBook Pro update last spring suggested the company was recommitting to relatively quick product updates; the grumbling began again when the year anniversary of that update passed with no sign of a 2018 revision.

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This new third-generation keyboard wasn't created to solve those issues, Apple says. Apple's Macbook Pro keyboard design has been under fire recently for its rate of failure and high cost to replace. Arment argued that the entire 2012-2015 Retina Macbook Pro model was the best laptop Apple ever created, with the mid-2015 one being its peak.

38mm Apple Watch Series 1 - save 29%. On top of those weighty responsibilities, the T2 lets the new MacBook Pros handle "Hey Siri" invocations for the first time. Blackmagic cited unspecified compatibility issues that will keep the eGPU from being used with Windows, though they company added, "We expect these limitations to be fixed in future updates from Windows computer vendors". Both new models are listed on the India site.

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