Cargo Ships and Cancer Research Keeps Orbital Lab Humming

Russian cargo ship makes fastest-ever trip to space station

Russian cargo ship makes fastest-ever trip to space station

A Russian robotic spacecraft has smashed the record for the time taken to reach the International Space Station (ISS), managing the feat in a mere three hours and 40 minutes. Progress-MS-09 is expected to dock to the ISS on July 10 at 04:39 Moscow time. The less-than-four-hour trip demonstrated an expedited capability that may be used on future Russian cargo and crew launches.

Progress spacecraft are disposable vehicles that are packed with trash and unneeded items and intentionally burned up in Earth's atmosphere at mission's end.

Usually, other spacecraft take 2-3 day to reach the space station.

The Russians attempted such a fast-track rendezvous on the two most recent Progress launches but in both cases, delays were ordered because of unrelated issues in the final moments of the countdown. NASA has stated that to make such a fast docking with the ISS, the station must be near the launch base and that the timing isn't available every day.

Space exploration agencies hope the flights will eventually allow astronauts and cosmonauts to routinely make the trip to the ISS in just a few hours - instead of the two-day journey in cramped conditions they now have to endure in order to reach the world's only orbital laboratory.

Pakistan readies for disgraced ex-PM Sharif's return from UK
The military, which has ruled Pakistan for about half its history since 1947, has denied interfering in modern-day politics. The step has been taken to ensure that Nawaz Sharif doesn't turn public opinion in his favour for the upcoming elections.

Sharif, Maryam face arrest on arrival
It has been reported that Nawaz Sharif is now in London and has regularly been visiting the United Kingdom during the trial. NAB officials have said they have obtained the necessary warrants in this regard and will arrest the duo when they land.

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The HBO series' nominations included a nod for best drama series . "Atlanta " will face newcomers including "The Marvelous Mrs. Saturday Night Live and Westworld both grabbed 21 nominations each, while The Handmaid's Tale secured 20 nominations.

Progress 70 will remain at the orbital outpost until late January 2019.

Progress 70 is not ready to come home yet.

A Russian cargo ship has delivered a fresh load of fuel, food, and other supplies for the International Space Station.

Roscosmos, Russia's space agency, believes that the unprecedented speed was due to the newest version of the Soyuz booster rocket as it was able to get the ship into orbit with greater precision.

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