Pence: 'I do' still want Roe v. Wade to be overturned

Why conservatives should support Roe v. Wade

Why conservatives should support Roe v. Wade

Rep. Nydia Velázquez said the state of NY has to become "a buffer" when it comes to women's rights.

Susan B. Anthony List President Marjorie Dannenfelser, who has always been an advocate for Donald Trump as well as the appointment of Supreme Court Justices who would overturn the anti-abortion laws, stated that "Judge Kavanaugh is an experienced, principled jurist with a strong record of protecting life and constitutional rights". Nervous champions of the right to choose recall President Trump's promise to only nominate "pro-life" judges to the court and marked Kavanaugh's selection with a protest in front of the court.

Two weeks ago, with the retirement of Justice Anthony Kennedy, the tectonic plates of the US abortion debate in the Supreme Court shifted for the first time in decades.

"I revere the Constitution", Kavanaugh said after Trump's announcement. Trump has since downplayed those remarks, indicating in a recent interview with Fox News that his advisors have discouraged him from asking potential nominees outright if they would vote to overturn the Roe precedent. The liberal media would have you believing as much, but the reality is a little different. You talked about these issues in the past to other people I'm sure.

The pre-1973 laws making abortion illegal are still on the books, but federal judges have struck down Arizona's restrictions in the past.

"The en banc majority, by contrast, reflects a philosophy that unlawful immigrant minors have a right to immediate abortion on demand, not to be interfered with even by Government efforts to help minors navigate what is undeniably a hard situation by expeditiously transferring them to their sponsors", Kavanaugh wrote. He argued that "the Supreme Court has repeatedly said that the government has permissible interests in favoring fetal life, protecting the best interests of the minor, and not facilitating abortion, so long as the government does not impose an undue burden on the abortion decision".

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WEDDINGTON: To gratitude that I had the opportunity but anger that suddenly Trump, who has no right to give speeches to anybody about ethics, is now saying, well, he thinks women shouldn't have abortions. A survey conducted in April by the Siena College poll determined that 78 percent of enrolled Democrats would prefer having Roe v. Wade put into state law. We need to educate people today on the abortion politics of their state.

Quite possibly. Some organizations like WomenOnWeb provide medication abortion to women in countries where access to abortion is restricted.

"All of that is now at risk, not because of bigoted Republicans, but because of Democrats who refused to step up because they were afraid", he added.

The first - and most likely type to result in the court taking a broad look at Roe v. Wade - are "gestational" bans that seek to restrict abortion at a certain point in pregnancy, said Lipton-Lubet.

Schumer: I understand, but what is your opinion. And one of the women said, "You know, Sarah, the only way we can really deal with this is to bring a lawsuit and try to get the law overturned". It's unlikely that either of the four left-leaning justices would vote to allow Roe to come before a Court bearing a conservative majority. This is the time to make your voice heard.

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