Start planning now for longest lunar eclipse of the century

Eye Em- Getty Images

Eye Em- Getty Images

Those in United States can watch lunar eclipse for its full 1-hour, 43-minute reveal via a livestream provided by the Virtual Telescope Project. This will cause the moon to move slower than it would if it was closer to earth - so the totality of the eclipse will last for one hour and 43 minutes.

Scientists and astronomers advise that it is risky to see solar eclipse through naked eyes and it can also damage the vision. Solar eclipses are risky to watch without certified, special glasses, but lunar eclipses don't require special head gear. The moon is expected to turn fully dark at around 2:30 p.m.

"After this period, the moon will remain partially eclipsed till 3:49 am of July 28".

Not everyone will be able to see the long-lasting lunar spectacle, however. "It will be a golden opportunity for celestial enthusiasts in India as the eclipse will be visible nearly throughout the night", he said. It is only four minutes shorter than the the longest possible lunar eclipse to occur on earth, according to NASA.

Late at night on July 27, the full moon will be near its apogee, the farthest point from Earth in its orbit around Earth, and it will be the smallest full moon of the year. This month, the moon will go through the center of the shadow, extending the duration of the eclipse. That means anyone who is on the side of the earth that is experiencing nighttime will be able to see the lunar eclipse whereas a solar eclipse can only be seen by the people who are where the moon's shadow falls.

Skygazers who missed out on January's Super Blue Blood Moon, the first lunar eclipse of 2018, have a good chance of witnessing the next celestial event as the eclipse will adorn the skies next week.

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Dr. Bosh recommends going outside at different times throughout the night on July 27 to catch every stage of the eclipse.

Explaining the celestial phenomenon, Mr Duari said a lunar eclipse takes place only at full moon.

Eerie as it may be, the moon's face appears rouged for the same reason the sky looks blue to our eyes.

During a total lunar eclipse, the Moon's disk can take on a dramatically colourful appearance from bright orange to blood red and more rarely dark brown to very dark gray, depending upon the part of the Earth's shadow it would be passing through.

"Because it's the full moon, the Moon sets when the Sun rises".

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