Total lunar eclipse around the world

Century’s longest lunar eclipse tonight All you need to know

Century’s longest lunar eclipse tonight All you need to know

The longest "blood moon" eclipse this century began on Friday, coinciding with Mars' closest approach in 15 years to treat skygazers across the globe to a thrilling celestial spectacle.

This will be the second and last lunar eclipse of 2018.

Fearing the jaguar would come down to earth to continue its assault, people would throw spears at the moon and create noise to scare it away.

However, north Americans can witness a similar happening in January next year, though the duration of the lunar eclipse will not be such long.

The Weather Channel will be live streaming the lunar eclipse on its smartphone app beginning at 4 p.m. So it is not just the red moon but the red planet also making its presence felt in the night sky tomorrow.

Chandra Grahan or Lunar Eclipse July 2018 today India LIVE UPDATES: The century's longest total lunar eclipse will take place tonight on July 27 till the early hours of July 28. This will make the Red Planet appear slightly larger, but most notably brighter in the sky.

Unlike a solar eclipse, the lunar event can be viewed without wearing protective eye gear.

As a scientist I don't like the use of the description "blood moon".

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The entire eclipse can be viewed from Brunei until moon set at 6.23am, Hazarry said. The partial lunar eclipse had started around 11:54 pm and the total lunar eclipse took place around 1:05 am.

Unfortunately for us here in MI, this eclipse will only be visible in the Southern Hemisphere.

North America, much of the Pacific Ocean and most of the Arctic won't see a thing.

However, the partial eclipse will be visible for nearly four hours.

While you might imagine that this phenomenon leads to a dark sky, the way the sunlight travels through Earth's atmosphere means that it actually casts the moon in a reddish orange hue-hence the nickname "blood moon". There will be another guest during the eclipse, as Mars will glow brightly, giving some unforgettable moments to skywatchers all over the world.

Only those in the Eastern Hemisphere will be able to view the upcoming event, with people in Europe, Africa and Asia getting the best seats for the lunar show. It began with a penumbral lunar eclipses on June 10, 1351 and will end with another penumbral eclipse on July 24, 2613.

"The light from the sun goes through the Earth's atmosphere on its way to the moon, and the Earth's atmosphere turns it red in the same way that when the sun goes down, it goes red", astronomy professor Andrew Fabian, of the University of Cambridge, told Reuters.

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