Apple Pulls Five InfoWars Podcasts From iTunes Over 'Hate Speech'

Apple Pulls Five InfoWars Podcasts From iTunes Over 'Hate Speech'

Apple Pulls Five InfoWars Podcasts From iTunes Over 'Hate Speech'

Most of USA conspiracy theorist Alex Jones's podcasts from his right-wing media platform Infowars have been removed from Apple's iTunes and podcast apps, the media news website BuzzFeed quoted a company spokesman as saying on Sunday.

A representative for Apple could not be reached for further comment, but Infowars-branded podcasts like The Alex Jones Show and War Room are now inaccessible via iTunes.

Apple has gone further than many outlets, removing the Infowars library from its forum.

A number of platforms have suspended or removed some of the radio host's conspiracy-driven content in recent weeks for violating hate content policies.

Apple, Facebook, and Spotify have removed the work of Alex Jones from their platforms in a sweeping crackdown on the popular conspiracy theorist.

Apple removed five of six Inforwars podcasts from iTunes and its podcast platforms, Buzzfeed news reported on Sunday.

Jones is verified on Twitter, which did not immediately respond to a request for comment about whether Jones has violated any of the site's policies.

Among the conspiracy theories Jones has peddled were charges that the United States government was behind numerous terrorist attacks, including the September 11, 2001 strikes on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

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Jones is embroiled in several lawsuits with families of those killed in the Sandy Hook school shooting.

The gunman Adam Lanza killed 26 people, including 20 children, when he launched his rampage in the CT school. That decision apparently catalyzed other tech giants to take action on Monday (August 6). "When something is rated as false, those stories are ranked significantly lower in News Feed, cutting future views by more than 80 percent", the company statement said. Those taken down include War Room and The Alex Jones Show daily podcast.

Now that Jones has been removed from Facebook and YouTube, he is taking refuge on Twitter, one of the last major platforms available to him. The parents of two children shot in that attack are suing him for defamation, saying he had made "false, cruel, and risky assertions". He is seeking to have the cases dismissed.

Spotify had also recently come under pressure for hosting Jones' podcasts. At least, that's what his lawyer told a judge when Jones was embroiled in a custody battle with his ex-wife past year.

After pulling several episodes of Jones' podcast last week, Spotify has now removed all episodes of The Alex Jones Show podcast from its site.

A representative said that Spotify took seriously reports of hate content. "InfoWars commentator Paul Joseph Watson has another 1.3 million YouTube subscribers, while other InfoWars accounts have a combined 423,000 subscribers".

The Alex Jones channel began to accumulate strikes after posting clips in which it argued the February 14 shooting at a Florida high school involved survivors described as "crisis actors".

"They can't stop you because A.I. doesn't know how to understand memes."

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