FFP is flawed - but Manchester City agreed to regulations

La Liga call for UEFA sanctions against Manchester City amid new FFP leaks

La Liga call for UEFA sanctions against Manchester City amid new FFP leaks

Guardiola was also lured to Manchester by City's resources after great success with Barcelona and Bayern Munich.

That is the strong and unequivocal message coming out of La Liga following the allegations made against the Premier League champions.

Af for the FFP complaints, he stuck to the club's version: "I am part of the club and I support them completely".

In the latest allegations to plunge City into turmoil, it is alleged a risk analysis regarding a possible deal with Arabtec was carried out by executives but that, despite the report concluding a partnership with the company would have "significant potential to damage the perception and standing of the club and its owners", the club struck an agreement regardless, signing a regional contract that would be publicised only in Arab states, Russian Federation and Turkey, where there was considered to be less risk of condemnation.

"Our partnership with Manchester City and the broader City Football Group continues to deliver important ongoing and accumulative returns on our investments". "Of course we want to follow the rules", the City boss said.

'If you want to buy your way into football heaven, you can't let a few rules get in the way'.

In 2013, they came up with the idea of was hiving off payments of marketing and image rights to players through an "independent" third party called Fordham Sports Management, funded by City's parent company, Abu Dhabi United Group.

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They spoke also of an "organised and clear" attempt to damage their reputation.

The magazine said the name "Longbow" was chosen, according to City's chief legal adviser, Simon Cliff, as it was "the weapon the English used to beat the French at Crecy and Agincourt" in the Hundred Years' War.

The magazine reported that Man City officials detailed a long-term search for "creative solutions" to hiding expenses and evading UEFA monitoring of spending on players.

Documents leaked to Der Spiegel and other media from the Football Leaks' whistleblowing website purport to show the two clubs had inflated sponsorship revenues to meet FFP requirements.

"We will need to fight this", Soriano wrote, according to the magazine, "and do it in a way that is not visible, or we will be pointed out as the global enemies of football".

Uefa found City had breached FFP rules in 2014 and the two parties reached a settlement, with City paying a £49m fine - £32m of which was suspended - while their Champions League squad was reduced for 2014-15. The leaks validate what we have been saying for more than a year.

Der Spiegel said this helped turn nearly 30 million euros ($34 million) into revenue instead of a cost, for the goal of UEFA's investigation of club accounts.

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