Google Rebrands Files Go as Files by Google

Surrounded by supporters House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi celebrates a projected Democratic Party takeover of the House of Representatives

Surrounded by supporters House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi celebrates a projected Democratic Party takeover of the House of Representatives

When folded, the device will look more like a traditional smartphone.

GOOGLE HAS ANNOUNCED some new features for the Android App Bundle tool which will allow users to carry on using apps even whilst they are updating. But in Dark Mode, battery consumption on the Pixel drops 63% to 92mA. If you do have a phone with an OLED display, you should use it more often if you care about squeezing as much juice out of the battery as possible.

Android's announcement of its Foldables technology was also a summit highlight, with the company highlighting its support for the forthcoming Samsung device that was previewed this week by Samsung Senior Vice President Justin Denison at the 2018 Samsung Developer Conference. That not only saves battery life, it means that the contrast is sharper when reading text on a black background with an AMOLED screen. From that notice you'll see an update button, meaning you won't need to go into Google Play to retrieve the update. At 100% brightness, the battery consumes 60% less battery power using Dark Mode.

Trump administration moves to crack down on asylum claims
If an asylum seeker enters the United States illegally, they have been - until now - still entitled to a hearing of their claim. Administration officials have said existing USA asylum rules encouraged illegal immigration and bogged down legitimate claims.

The scientists suspected that "Omwamwi" - alien ship
Yesterday, a number of astronomers criticized Loeb's conclusions, particularly the lack of direct evidence pointing to alien influence.

Trump says midterm elections a 'tremendous success'
But Congress could not remove him from office without a conviction by a two-thirds majority in the Republican-controlled Senate. Sherrod Brown is projected to keep his seat there, but Republican Mike DeWine holds a lead over Democrat Richard Cordray there.

Google reports that 0.25 percent of all Android Nougat (7.x) devices contain at least one PHA, while the percentage for Oreo (8.x) and Pie (9.x) is even smaller, with 0.14 percent and 0.06 percent, respectively. Google has now confirmed that the Dark Mode also helps increase battery life on phones. By offering the Dark Mode, Goole is trying to help save eyes as well as the battery on the smartphones, unlike its Material Design. For those unfamiliar with Dark Mode, this UI setting flips the usual screen set up of dark text on a white background to white text on a dark background.

Google has revealed its findings about dark mode and how it affects battery life. But there may be independent apps that may offer users dark modes, with YouTube being one such example.

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