Hackers caught selling 81,000 private Facebook conversations

Private messages of 81,000 Facebook users leaked online

Private messages of 81,000 Facebook users leaked online

Facebook responded to the report saying that its security was intact and that the hackers probably used malicious browser extensions to access the messages. These accounts are being sold for 10 cents each.

Facebook has not named the extensions it believes were involved but says the leak was not its fault.

"We sell personal information of Facebook users".

Facebook told BBC in a statement that its security has not been compromised and the data was sent out to hackers likely by malicious browser extensions.

Why the huge difference between the hackers' claimed 120 million accounts and perhaps just 81,000 accounts, according to Digital Shadows? Behind the scenes, though, the extension would connect to Facebook and steal information from a victim's logged in account.

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Several users whose details have been compromised were based in Ukraine and Russian Federation but some were also from the UK, US, Brazil and elsewhere, the report said on Friday. Rosen said the social network had notified law enforcement, had the website hosting the Facebook account data had been taken down. Cybersecurity firm Digital Shadows investigated the claim, and found that more than 81,000 accounts put online as a sample contained private messages.

Data from a further 176,000 accounts was also made available, although some of the information - including email addresses and phone numbers - could have been scraped from members who had not hidden it. This included chats from different users about a recent Depeche Mode concert, photographs of a recent holiday, complaints about a son-in-law as well as intimate conversation between two lovers on Facebook. Upon further investigation, BBC learned that the new data breach was not linked with the Cambridge Analytica scandal or the recent data breach in September.

A reply in English came from someone calling themself John Smith.

"It is very unlikely that the cybercriminals have all the private message for 120 million accounts", he said. However, according to an outside expert reported by the BBC, it appears likely that at least 81,000 Facebook accounts had their privacy breached.

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