Malta-registered oil tanker collides into Norwegian warship

“KNM Helge Ingstad” at port in Hammerfest a few years ago

“KNM Helge Ingstad” at port in Hammerfest a few years ago

Officials said the KNM Helge Ingstad could sink after the collision in Sture, north of Bergen, Norway's second largest city.

Laden tanker left Sture Terminal shortly before collision.

Norway's Accident Investigation Board said a towboat was also involved in the accident.

The navy said the frigate is still not stable and that efforts are underway to secure her. Damages on the ship were also recorded with underwater cameras and all actions, which include recovery plans and oil spill containment, are coordinated with the Norwegian coastal administration. Aframax tanker in full load is restricted in maneuverability by definition, while frigate, by definition, is speedy maneuverable vehicle, supposedly always ready for unsafe situation, manned by a numerous crew.

A Royal Norwegian Navy frigate has collided with a Malta-registered oil tanker in a fjord in Norway as it was returning from North Atlantic Treaty Organisation exercise Trident Juncture. The tanker, now in port undergoing inspection, was not damaged in the incident and none of its 23-member crew injured.

"We are in a security phase for the time being", he added.

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The frigate is part of a Nato fleet in the Atlantic and the alliance has been informed of the accident, he told reporters.

Norway is the biggest oil producer in Western Europe. Its plant processes gas from the Troll, Kvitebjoern, Visund and Fram fields, together about 135 million standard cubic metres of natural gas per day.

The 62,000-tonne tanker received only slight damage and is waiting to be towed to a nearby oil terminal, the rescue centre official said.

The Norwegian government shares ownership of the Sture terminal with some of the country's largest oil producers, including Equinor. Oseberg, Grane and Ivar Aasen were restarting output after being shut, their operators said. The ship was put up on the rocky shore two to three miles of the Sture Terminal.

The Sola TS, an Aframax class vessel built in 2017, belongs to Tsakos Energy Navigation, the company's website says.

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