'Sociopath' boy arrested for killing mom over bad grade

Florida Teenager Charged With Strangling, Burying Mother

Florida Teenager Charged With Strangling, Burying Mother

Ramos was charged Sunday with first-degree premeditated murder and is now being held in a juvenile detention center.

Fox News reported that Cleavenger was furious at the boy, identified as Gregory Ramos, for getting a D in one of his subjects, according to Chitwood.

After killing Gail, Ramos confessed to inviting school friends Dylan Ceglarek and Brian Porras, both 17, to his house to stage a burglary.

Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood said that Ramos confessed to the murder during questioning, then boasted about his plan to hide the evidence. While they have, too, have yet to be formally, charged, police said they are likely facing multiple criminal charges. Investigators say the boy killed her after they argued about his school grades.

The father was on a business trip in Seattle, WA, during the incident.

The trio kicked in a door and removed items such as a computer, rifle and Playstation, before driving to a nearby church where they buried Gail's body underneath a fire pit.

Volusia County Judge Angela Dempsey said the murder suspect will be "detained by the Department of Juvenile Justice in secure detention for 21 days or until further court order" and the two other juveniles were released to home detention to be tracked by ankle monitors, the Daytona Beach News-Journal reported.

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"He went to school, left school early, which is where his story began to fall apart", Chitwood said.

He found out about her death when he returned home Friday night. There, he buried the body beneath a fire pit.

"The case we worked tonight was one of the most disturbing and saddest I've seen in my career", Sheriff Chitwood said in a statement on the Volusia County Sheriff's Office Facebook page.

"We would come home and sit in the driveway and talk about our kids having driver's license finally, and all that kind of stuff", Hackett said.

His alleged version of events is said to have unraveled quickly, with Chitwood saying the boy showed 'no sign of remorse, whatsoever, ' after he reportedly admitted killing his mom.

But deputies who arrived at the scene were suspicious of Ramos' demeanor and allegedly got him to confess to the crime during an interrogation.

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