The scientists suspected that "Omwamwi" - alien ship

An artist's depiction of Oumuamua the first detected interstellar object

An artist's depiction of Oumuamua the first detected interstellar object

A pair of scientists in Harvard have announced that a mysterious object which recently passed near the planet may have been an alien spacecraft.

"It is going extremely fast and on such a trajectory that we can say with confidence that this object is on its way out of the solar system and not coming back", Mr Farnocchia said shortly after its discovery.

"Light sail of the same size were designed and built our own civilization, including the IKAROS project and Starshot". NBC News reports that denizens of this planet have launched their own lightsail probes, mostly to investigate other star systems, now unreachable by humans.

The object, nicknamed the "Oumuamua", meaning "messenger, which stretches from the distant past" in the Hawaiian Islands, was first discovered in October 2017, the telescope Pan-STARRS 1 in Hawaii. Its flattened, elongated shape and the way it accelerated on its way through the Solar system, distinguished him from ordinary asteroids and comets.

"Because I am a scientist, not a believer, I rely on evidence to find possible physical explanations for observed phenomena".

Despite the Harvard researchers' work, most scientists, NBC News says, are urging caution in assuming there's any other civilization beyond Earth's atmosphere - and that it's actively seeking us out.

Yesterday, a number of astronomers criticized Loeb's conclusions, particularly the lack of direct evidence pointing to alien influence.

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The study was published earlier this month, and it suggests that Oumuamua's odd movement style, which was already studied earlier this year, and its "excess acceleration" could be of artificial nature, even though it was previously suggested that the cigar-shaped asteroid came from a binary star system.

They said alien civilisations may jettison used cargo ships, resulting in space debris that looks a lot like Asteroid 'Oumuamua.

"Any functional spacecraft would nearly certainly retract its solar sail once in interstellar space to prevent damage", Mr Jackson said.

"If radiation pressure is the accelerating force, then Oumuamua represents a new class of thin interstellar material, either produced naturally, through a yet unknown process... or of an artificial origin", the authors wrote.

"But it's important to distinguish that the researchers who wrote the new paper have expertise in solar sails, so they're suggesting that "Oumuamua could be like a solar sail, said Coryn Bailer-Jones of the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy".

However, it seems unlikely that we'll ever know if Oumuamua did, in fact, have an artificial light sail. Even the spinning motion of a damaged solar sail would be far more strongly influenced by the radiation forces than seen, he explained.

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