Michael B. Jordan & Donald Glover Both Might Make Black Panther 2 Appearances

Donald Glover Might Join Black Panther 2 Cast & Please Let This Happen

Donald Glover Might Join Black Panther 2 Cast & Please Let This Happen

Having just appeared as one of the most popular Star Wars characters, as Lando Calrissian, in Solo: A Star Wars Story, the multi-talented Donald Glover is now rumored to be up for the role of the villain in the Black Panther sequel. Furthermore, Michael B. Jordan, who played the villain Killmonger in the first Black Panther, is in talks to return in the sequel in some regard.

According to a source quoted by Metro, Coogler "is now mapping out Black Panther's sequel and has written in a number of new characters" and that "one of those characters, if he gets his wish, will be played by Childish Gambino".

According to Metro.co.uk, director Ryan Coogler is in "informal talks" with Glover to play a new character in the sequel to Disney and Marvel's blockbuster. He had a small part as career criminal Aaron Davis (who in the books later turns into the Prowler, fyi for those less comic-book-nerd inclined) in Spider-Man: Homecoming. It was nice, though, to see Glover in a Marvel movie. As a musician, Glover is also known as Childish Gambino.

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Recently, Top Dawg Entertainment's Kendrick Lamar revealed his interest in playing a key role when Black Panther 2 goes into production. We've discussed before that the MCU loves to bring characters back from the dead, so it could be possible in the sequel. There's tons of high-tech medical technology in Wakanda, so Killmonger could still be on the verge of saving.

Coogler is still weighing a return for Killmonger, the source said, and an appearance could rest on Glover's decision. We're fine with either possibility. I would've assumed that Killmonger would be returning in some sort of vision, but we won't know for sure until the film hits theaters at some point during the next phase of Marvel films. "It was an honor to let them know...to let Chadwick [Boseman] know and Lupita [Nyong'o] know just how incredible that film is and what it means to us".

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