PUBG Mobile Gets Miramar Desert Map Before Xbox One

Fortnite Vs PUBG

Fortnite Vs PUBG

The addition of the Miramar desert map to PUBG Mobile is a big deal, as the map isn't even available in the Xbox One version of the game yet (though it has been playable on test servers).

PUBG Mobile is available to download for free from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

PUBG Mobile's gameplay isn't the only thing that got an improvement with this update.

- New Progress Mission: collect progress rewards when you reach new levels, then take on new missions.

With Miramar available on PUBG on PC and Xbox One, PUBG Mobile gets the desert map as an option as well. After downloading the latest update, players should notice smoother camera work, improved climbing mechanics, and more sound effects.

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- Initial parachute speed increased to match the PC version.

Also listed in the changelog is a local quick team feature, which allows players to enter a 6-digit code to team up with friends that are close to you. Miramar is a barren desert, and adds loads of interesting wrinkles to the PUBG formula as there aren't many forests to hide in so you have to adeptly use the actual terrain to hide from enemies.

Elsewhere, PUBG Mobile also has a shop doing the rounds, which allows players to fork out for cosmetic goodies and something called 'Secret Stash, ' which dishes out various special items on the cheap.

- Added sound effects for breaking doors.

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