Apple and Samsung are back in court over seven-year patent dispute

Apple and Samsung are back in court over seven-year patent dispute

Apple and Samsung are back in court over seven-year patent dispute

Resuming their long standing patent infringement dispute that dates all the way back to 2011, Apple and Samsung have once again returned to a San Jose district courtroom today, in order to determine the financial damages Samsung owes Apple for infringing on design patents covering the original iPhone, USA Today is reporting. However, Apple may still be able to convince the jury that the devices would not have been marketable without the infringing designs and therefore the phones as a whole should be considered the relevant article.

Apple's team is asking for more than $1 billion for Samsung's infringement on three design patents, the full profit Samsung earned from the sale of infringing phones, and another $5 million for the South Korea-based company's infringement of two utility patents. The case centers on the issue of what exactly constitutes an "article of manufacture" that a patent governs.

The Supreme Court agreed with this in 2016, saying that damages would have to be proportionate to the specific parts on the phone that were copied, rather than profit made from the entire product.

He said that Samsung should only be required to pay for profits earned due to the part of the phone that infringed Apple patents. It depends on how the jury - and we should note that it is very hard to find local peers in Silicon Valley that know nothing of Apple and Samsung these days - sees it.

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The third complaint was under the screen with Apple claiming that Samsung had copied the graphical user interface showing the layout of apps on its home screen.

3D-printed Samsung and Apple logos. The dispute at hand concerns just how much money Samsung has to hand over to Apple.

"A small group of us had worked tirelessly on this product for years. We filed for patents and tried to do things in the right way so we could enjoy the fruits of our labor". When the Samsung phones arrived, "It was every negative emotion you could imagine". "It looked pretty big and square from the front". Susan Kare, a GUI designer who was part of Apple's Macintosh design team and has since worked for Microsoft and IBM, will testify that the iPhone GUI can not be separated conceptually from the phone. "It wasn't buttons everywhere", Howarth said. "We're there to guide the product trough until it gets to the customer, so we can make sure our idea arrives intact", he said.

Blevins also recounted Apple's design philosophy, explaining that many companies use a "building-block philosophy", which is the "exact opposite" of Apple. He spent two and a half weeks in a factory trying to figure out how to shrink the iPhone's vibration motor down to the allowed size. He added: 'That had a dramatic effect on Apple, and the compensation is therefore substantial'.

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